Environmental Impact

Since our founding, Coastal Automotive has made sustainable and responsible practices an integral part of how we run our business. We’re excited to continue that commitment by regularly assessing our environmental impact year-over-year.

Starting in 2022, Coastal Automotive is committed to setting five-year measurable environmental impact goals and making yearly progress towards those goals. These initiatives will include practices designed to reduce impact throughout our entire manufacturing process—from raw materials to delivered products.

Waste Targets

By the end of 2022, we will also establish five key metrics that will help us track progress towards our five-year environmental impact goals. These metrics will relate to carbon dioxide, water, electricity, gas usage and life cycle materials waste.

We’re excited to share these metrics with you along with our progress and process in attaining these goals over the coming years. Learn about our current recycling efforts with IMPAXX™ material as well as the ways we work to enhance our teams and wider community in our Sustainability Report.

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