Motorsports Safety

NASCAR’s premier energy management provider

Coastal Automotive is NASCAR’s premier energy management provider. Since 2008, IMPAXX™ has been incorporated in NASCAR’s Car of Tomorrow (COT).

IMPAXX™ was chosen over 200 different materials and found superior to the others investigated including Aluminum Honeycomb, Rigid PU, Laminates and Composites including Fiberglass Reinforcements, and Welded Steel Assemblies.

James Treece — Manager, Design Technology at SSOE Group

“The car, equipped with IMPAXX™, hit the wall at 200 mph and rolled over eight times. McDowell walked away, got into a backup car and qualified for the Samsung 500 race”

Robin Pemberton — NASCAR Vice President of Competition

“Our team at the NASCAR R&D Center went to great lengths to study ways in which energy can be absorbed during impacts on the race track and the IMPAXX™ energy foam developed by Dow Automotive is what we found worked the best. The IMPAXX™ foam has performed extremely well in protecting our drivers and has proven to be a highly effective safety feature that NASCAR plan to incorporate further in our sport.”


You’ll find IMPAXX™ foam in both NASCAR vehicles and attenuators (entrance to pit row).


In terms of weight-to-performance ratio, IMPAXX™ is the single most efficient energy absorption material available to the automotive industry today. For motorsports, that translates to:

  • Improved driver safety
  • Lowered driver G levels
  • Less sensitive to off-axis impact
  • 50%+ weight reductions
  • Significant cost savings

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