Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing

From Prototypes to Production

3D printing capabilities enable us to produce either once-off sophisticated prototypes or volumes of complex, highly customized parts on demand.

Make use of our large-format 3D printer to manufacture parts that meet your most demanding requirements, including printing continuous fiber-reinforced components with fiberglass, carbon fiber or Kevlar.

Printing Technology

Large-Format 3D Printing

BigRep Studio G2: Large-format, dual-filament 3D Printer with the capability to print high temperature, highly engineered thermoplastics.

Continuous Fiber 3D Printing

Markforged Mark Two: High-precision and best-in-class printing of micro carbon fiber filled nylon with the ability to print continuous fiber reinforced components with fiberglass, carbon fiber or kevlar.

Bambu X1C

The Bambu X1C features extra cooling  and can handle a wide selection of materials such as PA, PC, PET, and TPU.

3D Printing for Good

In addition to our large-format printer, through our participation in Automation Alley initiative Project DIAMOnD, Coastal operates a Markforged 3D printer that we use for prototype development as well as supporting the initiative. As part of the project, we have printed PPE for front-line workers during the pandemic, and more recently, components for tourniquets to aid those injured in the Ukrainian war zone.

Let’s Get Started with 3D Printing

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