Support Deflect Rebound

SDR Utility Foam

Microcellular Plastic Foam

SDR Utility Foam is a multi-use, microcellular polyethylene foam designed for a variety of applications to support, deflect and rebound. Providing a reaction surface engineered specifically for rapid deployment, SDR Utility Foam’s unique cellular structure provides responsive loading and reliable performance.

Customizable For Your Application

Our team of engineering experts cut SDR Utility Foam to your specific needs to support, deflect and rebound no matter the application. SDR Utility Foam is a versatile product with applications as diverse as:

  • Side airbag directional deploy-assist
  • Bumper stability
  • Holding AC unit ducts in headliners, dash or throughout cabin
  • Garnish reinforcements
  • Headliner filler

Decreased Vehicle Weight

Up to 90 percent lighter than extruded metal, 70 percent lighter than extruded plastic and close to 98 percent lighter than rubber directional airbag deploy-assist systems

Increased Passenger Safety

SDR Foam is approved as part of the FMVSS226 standard for airbag deployment. It protects passengers by ensuring that the airbag deploys as it is designed.

Fast Turnaround

Because of our industry-leading turnaround, production parts are available in as little as two weeks.

Zero Production Tooling Expenses

Lower costs of development and capital investment on tooling.

Precision Cutting for Zero Waste

SDR is designed, manufactured and customized with zero waste—everything we don’t use is recycled and repurposed.

CAE Material Card & Technical Data Sheet

TDS Download

Download the print-friendly SDR Utility Foam Technical Data Sheet for additional product details, including ASTM test results.

Let’s Get Started

Contact us to learn more about how SDR foam might be right for your next energy-management challenge or request product samples, material cards and additional information.