Let Coastal Automotive be your career ladder.

Pathways to Advancement

Our growth creates pathways for advancement and opportunities for our conscientious people. Our culture of partnership values broadly defined jobs and ever-increasing levels of responsibility. Contact us today and see if Coastal is the right fit for you!

Work for Leaders Who Care

We develop our leaders to serve their teams and help them achieve and excel. At Coastal, you will have a great experience with people who value teamwork and help you succeed.

People Matter

More than a good paycheck, we offer a workplace where you can learn and grow. Our leaders are committed to the continuous development of our people and we want to be your best option as a place to work.

Some of Our Benefits

  • Weekly Paychecks
  • Premium Insurance Policy
  • 401K
  • Competitive Wages
  • 100% Long & Short-Term Disability
  • Employer-Paid Life Insurance Policy
  • Holiday & PTO


Build Teams

Strong teams are the best way to achieve common goals. Teams provide the support and experience to help everyone achieve and excel. Team members help each other to become more capable, competent, and to solve problems focusing on what is right, not who is right.



We create lasting relationships with our stakeholders and work to make those partnerships grow. We offer solutions to problems and continuous improvement to our customers automotive needs. We place special emphasis on transparent, sustainable and responsible business practices.



Attention to Detail

We focus on the details and give our customers the confidence to trust their products with our packaging solutions. We offer quality, predictability, consistency, and innovation in all of our products and processes.



Prepare & Win

We do our homework and deliver what we promise. We have smart, capable team members who do the best work they can to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. We value hard work and celebrate achievement.




We think fast and work hard to ensure our customers have the automotive solutions they need when they need them. Our team members are purpose driven and take the initiative to achieve excellent results. We recognize and celebrate excellence.


“Working at Coastal gives me the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. I know my efforts have material impact on the success of the business.”

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