Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)

Access 18+ years of expertise in computer-aided engineering.

Accurate Modeling

Precise models based on physical and CAE testing experience.


Analyze targets at component or full-vehicle level.

State-of-the-Art Servers

Fast calculation and rendering abilities.

Industry-leading Tools

OEM-prefered software for processing, solving and post processing.

Quickly Optimize for Cost

CAE brings efficiency to optimizing designs for best cost and performance.

Specializing in Head-Impact Safety and Interior CAE Analysis for the Automotive Industry

We provide head impact safety and interior computer-aided engineering–or CAE services– that improve product designs, reduce development cost and time, increase safety ratings and compliance. Whether you’re looking for FVMSS201U compliant head impact safety, interior CAE analysis for your Over Head System (OHS), or something a little less common, we have the expertise you can count on. We have earned the trust of automotive industry OEM’s by continually improving our products capability and repeatability.

CAE in Action

Head Impact Simulation

Coastal Automotive CAE mimics all variables in an automotive impact. We specialize in head impact safety and can simulate multiple types of real world scenarios.

Focused Assessment

Focus on and identify each element from the simulation to see the details of stress impact on each section of the product.


CAE can simulate the buckling phenomena present during structure collapsing under any type of impact and stress load in detail.

Product Failure

Through Coastal Automotive CAE, we can simulate points of failure. We can identify all specifications, so you can reduce product weight while meeting all regulations.

From Basic to Complex

Coastal Automotive CAE can simulate static load from a single surface to a wide variety of complex scenarios.

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