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NASCAR’s Premier Energy Management Provider

NASCAR’s premier energy management provider

Coastal Automotive is NASCAR’s premier energy management provider.  Since 2008, IMPAXX™ has been incorporated in NASCAR’s Car of Tomorrow (COT).

IMPAXX™ was chosen over 200 different materials and found superior to the others investigated including Aluminum Honeycomb, Rigid PU, Laminates and Composites including Fiberglass Reinforcements, and Welded Steel Assemblies.


  • Improved driver safety
  • IMPAXX™ significantly lowered driver G levels
  • IMPAXX™ was less sensitive to off-axis impacts
  • 50% weight reduction
  • Significant cost savings


“Our team at the NASCAR R&D Center went to great lengths to study ways in which energy can be absorbed during impacts on the race track and the IMPAXX energy foam developed by Dow Automotive is what we found worked the best. The IMPAXX foam has performed extremely well in protecting our drivers and has proven to be a highly effective safety feature that NASCAR plan to incorporate further in our sport.”
Robin Pemberton

NASCAR Vice President of Competition

“The car, equipped with Impaxx, hit the wall at 200 mph and rolled over eight times. McDowell walked away, got into a backup car and qualified for the Samsung 500 race”
James Treece

Manager, Design Technology at SSOE Group

Why work with Coastal for your Energy Management Systems?

Coastal Automotive is a customer focused manufacturing company.  Our dedicated commercial and technical team is driven to provide segment-leading, high performance solutions.  Our unique CNC manufacturing process provides fully functioning samples available in hours, not weeks.