Premier Energy Management Foam Solution for Maximum Efficiency

Stable & Consistent Impact Response

IMPAXX™ is the most efficient and effective energy management solution in the automotive industry.

Unlike competing technologies, IMPAXX™ provides a stable and consistent impact response within the operative temperature range.  Providing a broad range of performance via cell structure modification not density, IMPAXX™ provides up to 91% weight reduction versus competing products.  IMPAXX™ is designed to remain durable over time, providing long term energy management performance.

The Leading Edge

Through IMPAXX’s™  unique manufacturing process, Coastal Automotive provides lower development costs, increased testing iterations and lower capital investment.

For customers who want to be on the leading edge of energy management, our IMPAXX™ foam is a cost-effective and highly advanced, engineered solution. IMPAXX™ boosts vehicle safety, increases design flexibility, and supports vehicle mass reduction: benefits that are ultimately passed along to consumers.


  • IMPAXX foam achieves better performance compared to higher densities of expanded polypropylene bead foams (EPP), polyurethane foams (PU) and thermoformed plastic parts
  • Higher efficiency reduces packaging space, reduces weight, and increases space for occupant comfort
  • Up to 91% lighter weight than competing technologies helping customers meet C.A.F.E / CO² standards
  • No tooling expenses lowering cost of development and reducing capital investment
  • Excellent correlation of CAE models and physical testing
  • Parts are precision cut with tight tolerances to exact standards
  • Consistent impact performance through complete operating temperature range
  • Identical performance from prototype to production
  • Fast cycle times enable quick production of large batches of parts
  • Multiple assembly methods including conventional and advanced nest, pressure sensitive adhesive and mechanical attachment


  • Head Impact Countermeasures
  • Side Impact Countermeasures
  • Under carpet Energy Management
  • Instrument Panel Energy Management


 Impaxx Tech Sheet

Energy Absorption

IMPAXX™ foam is over 90% efficient at absorbing energy, providing energy dissipation through 70% of  strain. Competing materials start decreasing efficiency at 25-30% when they start to rebound, transferring the stored energy back to occupant.

High Temperature Performance

IMPAXX™ foam exhibits consistent impact performance through complete operating temperature range.