Coastal Engineer Tony McConnell to Speak at Foam Expo North America 2022

Tony McConnell, who serves as materials scientist and leads product innovation for Coastal Automotive, identifies and develops new business opportunities that build on our core expertise in passive energy management solutions for the transportation and automotive industries. 

Tony will be a keynote speaker at Foam Expo North America this June 28-30 in Novi, Michigan, presenting on biomimicry and the inspiration taken from nature that informs advanced safety and sound management solutions.

About Tony

Earning over 12 patents, Tony has developed innovative products for the aerospace, automotive and architectural industries over the past 35 years. His major accomplishments include the development of composite roof headliners for automotive vehicles, carbon fiber and Kevlar composites for military aircraft and satellite, development of carbon nanotube reinforced polymers, geopolymers for architectural structures, 3D printed lattice structures, and smart textile technology.

Tony received his Master of Science degree in materials science and engineering from the National Technological University and his bachelor’s in polymer science and technology from The Manchester Metropolitan University.

Interested in hearing more from Tony? We have you covered. 

Join us at the Foam Expo North America from  June 28-30 in Novi, Michigan. Tony will speak as a keynote session on June 29. Register for your free pass!

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