Sustaining Our People

We believe that work empowers people to grow: intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. As people satisfy their need to grow, the organization where they work grows too. And the more an organization provides meaningful work, the more people will grow.

People deliver their best when they are thriving both at work and at home. Starting with the most basic needs—from entry-level to senior management—all of our people enjoy competitive wages, company-sponsored retirement options, access to high-quality health care and safe working conditions.

More Than a Paycheck

Fair compensation and safety are just the fundamentals and don’t address all of the needs of people at work. More than a paycheck, people want their work to have meaning. Work is not a necessary evil that we must endure so that we can afford to go about the other parts of our life. Work has the potential to be a meaningful and joyful part of a person’s life.

Since our founding in 2007, this reality has driven our choices on how to lead our business by supporting and investing in the lives of everyone associated with our business. We are committed to creating an environment where our employees can do meaningful work in a culture of partnership with opportunities for continuous development.

Investing in People

Servant Leadership

Leaders exist to serve their team members. As such, we select, review, assess and develop our leaders in alignment with 7 principles of servant leadership: listening, empathy, growing people, awareness, influence on others, looking ahead and team building.

Justice on the Job

While we have policies for guidance, we recognize that the strict interpretation of a policy does not always ensure justice. We listen, weigh the facts, and work hard to make just decisions to resolve workplace conflicts.


We provide internal training and support continuous learning for employees, a practice that encourages our people to grow personally and professionally.

Personal Development

Every employee receives four yearly development reviews where employee and manager/team leader collaborate on plans for improving job skills and progressing in career goals.

Collaborative Planning

A diversity of thought brought to each problem is an opportunity to enrich the solution. In company planning we work to include the input of all employees via surveys, focus groups, and team meetings.

Benevolence Fund

The benevolence fund is an employee-run, voluntary contribution fund that makes financial gifts to team members in need.

Learn more about how we invest in our people, planet and community in our Sustainability Report.

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