Introducing the 2023 Sustainability Report

Coastal Automotive has dedicated itself to sustainable practices since its inception, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to protecting our planet and enhancing the communities where we live and work. Through the publication of annual sustainability reports, we hold ourselves accountable for our objectives and celebrate our team’s shared journey towards achieving them.

Since our 2022 Sustainability Report, each team member has invested time and energy into our company vision to be a great place to work, stewards of our environment, and a trusted neighbor and business partner. When it comes to our progress toward our sustainability goals, we’re committed to being transparent with our stakeholders. In this year’s report, you’ll find:

  • Stories of sustainability for our people and communities from the past year.
  • Our carbon footprint for the 2023 calendar year, encompassing both energy usage data and corresponding greenhouse gas emissions data.
  • Our plan for future sustainability objectives, led by our values and commitment to transparency.

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