Bill Huizenga Tours Coastal Automotive

On August 8, 2017, Congressman Bill Huizenga toured Coastal Automotive’s production location on Brooks street in Holland, MI. Coastal Automotive’s leadership led Congressman Huizenga through the new production facility and discussed Coastal Automotive’s processes and product portfolio, including Betafoam AFI and Impaxx.  

After touring the 300,000 square foot production space, the leadership team and Congressman Huizenga discussed business, legislation and autonomous vehicles.  Congressman Huizenga learned about the businesses associated with Coastal Automotive, Coastal Container and Leadfoot MuscleCars. Congressman Huizenga met Coastal Automotive’s employees and took a group photo.

Congressman Huizenga toured the Leadfoot muscle cars on-site before his visit was through. With opening the Brooks facility in Holland just over a year ago, Coastal Automotive was proud to show the strength of their growing company.

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