Sound: Acoustic Management

Passenger Comfort Made a Priority

Passenger Comfort

With passenger comfort becoming a large priority in car manufacturing, Coastal Automotive has developed technology designed to mitigate wind, road, engine, and tire noise.

Coastal’s patented Betafoam AFI™ seals auto body cavities while also decreasing vibration and providing a quieter ride.






Our solutions are placed in the body-in-white, effectively working with the preexisting vehicle structure.  By thoroughly sealing cavities and lessening vibration, Betafoam AFI™ increases the durability and longevity of a vehicle, while improving passenger comfort and enhancing the driving experience.






Why work with Coastal for your Energy Management Systems?

Coastal Automotive is a customer focused manufacturing company.  Our dedicated commercial and technical team is driven to provide segment-leading, high performance solutions.  Our unique CNC manufacturing process provides fully functioning samples available in hours, not weeks.