Thermally Expandable Foam for Cavity Sealing and Sound Mitigation

Automotive Sound Mitigation

BETAFOAM AFI™ is an innovative, thermally expandable foam created for use in body-in-white for sound mitigation and to seal vehicle cavities.

The 3-dimensional foam expands by almost 3000 percent, successfully sealing cavities while reducing hard surfaces and absorbing vibration.

The expandable foam is significantly lighter than competitors, offering a 30-40 percent weight reduction.   Our unique patented baffle design allows for superior E-Coat coverage and heat flow during body-in-white.

Betafoam AFI™ is a low cost solution, providing high quality results. Its effectual design can decrease body corrosion and passenger cabin noise in vehicles.


  • Offers 30-40 percent weight reduction, helping to meet C.A.F.E standards.
  • Successful sound mitigation and cavity sealant over large temperature range.
  • Elimination of reflective hard surfaces.
  • Excellent 3-dimensional coverage
  • Strong seal based on 2600% – 3000 percent expansion range.
  • Superior E-Coat coverage and heat flow.



  • A-Pillar Upper
  • A-Pillar Lower
  • B-Pillar Lower
  • Dog Leg
  • C-Pillar Upper
  • Sail