About Coastal

Coastal Automotive is a forward-looking automotive safety manufacturer.

We are focused on providing our customers with high quality products at great value.  Our team works constantly to fill innovation gaps in the automotive industry and provide our customers with the newest technology.

Our Story

2007 Company started with three employees as Vericorr Fabricating
2008 Company began production of IMPAXX™ and evolved into Coastal Automotive
2010 Reached agreement with Dow Automotive as sole licensee of IMPAXX™
2011 Reached license agreement with Sealed Air for SABIC deflector foam
2013 Reached license agreement with Dow Automotive for MOR-AD™
2014 Honored as GM Supplier of the Year
2015 License Agreement with Dow for Betafoam AFI™

Coastal Automotive has grown every year, expanding in products and team members.  We look forward to continuing our growth and providing our customers with the newest automotive technology

Our Values


Coastal Automotive creates products that serve safety and quality expectations for our customers. To accomplish this, we hold very high standards and have zero tolerance for variance.  In our culture accurate and predictable results permeate everything we do. We encourage all team members to be proactive thinkers and to act independently to bring precision into our work.


Coastal Automotive is a partnership of people who are owners, customers, employees, suppliers, and members of the communities in which we work.  We focus on building relationships, built on trust and grown through active engagement and a commitment to each other’s best interests.  We have a shared fate.


The employees of Coastal Automotive have grit.  We built this company and there is no amount of work that is too hard when it comes to getting the job done for all stakeholders.  We do what we say we are going to do and we settle for nothing less than mission accomplishment. You can count on us.


We will be the ones to lead the way because we are hungry for what’s next. As entrepreneurs we are fearless of change and expect our creativity to constantly rewrite the book on product and process innovation. We never settle and are the ones who constantly ask “why not?”

Our Team

Clarence Martin

Clarence Martin


A Massachusetts native, Martin earned his Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Massachusetts.  He has over 17 years’ experience in the international automotive and manufacturing industry.

Martin’s dedication to improvement and development at Coastal Automotive is mirrored in his time away from the office.  Martin works for our community as a mentor for students through Winning Futures.  He mentors students in goal development and self-esteem, empowering them to reach personal success.

Shaun Sikora

Shaun Sikora

Technical Director

Shaun Sikora has served as Technical Director of Coastal Automotive since January 2008. Sikora works in developing EA customer solutions and supports program launch initiatives.  He introduces customers to automation supportive technologies for manufacturing, helping to eliminate expense and streamline production.  Sikora enjoys the entrepreneurial leadership and constantly strives for innovation and evolution of today’s solutions and processes at Coastal Automotive.

Wendel Martin

Wendel Martin

Commercial Director

Wendel Martin has served as Commercial Director for Coastal Automotive since 2014.  He has over ten years of experience in automotive manufacturing.  Martin guides Coastal Automotive in anticipating market needs and growing consistently into new markets. Martin enjoys working in a company that has great growth potential.

2016 Winning Future mentoring at Pontiac Academy for Excellence

2016 Winning Future mentoring at Pontiac Academy for Excellence

Coastal Automotive is dedicated to our community.

Coastal Automotive was selected to participate in a pilot program with MEDC providing gas cards, Uber, and other services to support sustained job opportunities for workers in communities hardest hit during the economic downturn. This project has helped many residents get to work who would otherwise not have transportation, including many of our employees.


Other initiatives Coastal Automotive supports: