ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., Sept. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – In their first year as a member of the Honda Lean Network, Coastal Automotive was one of four companies chosen nationwide to host a quarterly two-day event in 2015. As the host company, Coastal Automotive was an open book, allowing twenty-five leaders from other Honda supplier companies full access to the facility and processes in the spirit of mutual learning and continuous improvement.

“We were honored Honda chose us as the model supplier to host the event,” said Clarence Martin, Chief Commercial Officer of Coastal Automotive. “The feedback gained by having this level of talent evaluate areas where we can improve is invaluable, as is the collaboration and support among the supplier network that makes this event possible.”

The two-day event included a “Waste Walk”, where attendees examined processes and noted ways to improve efficiencies in efforts to expel “The Seven Deadly Wastes” in manufacturing. A pre-production planning improvement exercise included instruction by Honda on building a manufacturing cell with a simulated product run, a costly exercise when conducted with full production components. As a result, seven different ideas surfaced for how Coastal Automotive can improve the line process. In addition, this line involved a unique piece of equipment, and the equipment manufacturer was present, noting 29 improvements that will make their equipment work better for their customers.

Honda chooses four suppliers each year to host the Honda Lean Network quarterly events. Criteria for hosting this event include having a long-standing, ongoing supplier relationship with Honda and having a management team committed to the continuous improvement learning process.

About Honda Lean Network

The Lean Network is comprised of companies that supply Honda, working together to advance Lean principles in their own companies. The Network is self-directed through a member steering committee which coordinates training, meetings, conferences and networking opportunities.

About Coastal Automotive

Founded in 2007, Coastal Automotive is a leading supplier of energy absorbing materials to the Automotive and Motorsports industries. By combining efficient manufacturing and innovative materials, we provide our customers with high performing, cost effective solutions. For more information visit:

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